Please do us the favour of reading through to the end before placing an order!

Are these seeds really free?
Yup, absolutely 100% free. All you need to do is place an order and come pick them up locally in Victoria B.C.
No one gives things away for free... Who are you, and why are you really doing this?
Hi, we're Victoria Seed Share... We love growing things and care about food security. A lot of people are feeling anxious during these unusual times, and we're trying to share and help our community in the ways we know how.
Where did the seeds come from?
The initial batch of seeds was offered up to the community by folks at a local non-profit organization. They had been part of a community gardening project that never got off the ground. We've been slowly adding to this with personal donations from our own stashes and donations from individuals.
Are the seeds viable?
The initial seeds have a sell by date of fall 2018 (a few are 2017). The donated seeds are of various ages and provenances. We haven't done germination tests, but we have grown a lot of them ourselves with good success so there's a good chance they'll work for you too!
What if I can't pick them up? Do you ship? Deliver?
Sorry no, we're just a tiny group of volunteers who are doing the best we can in our spare hours. If you can't pick them up yourself, you might be able to coordinate with someone on the Collaborative Gardening group on Facebook.
If you don't ship, why do I have to enter my address at checkout?
Yeah, sorry, Shopify requires that, and we aren't able to turn it off :/ Put as fake an address in there as you want.
Is this going to be an ongoing project?
Maybe! We started out with a 3 month free trial from Shopify and then thanks to a generous donation from Growing Together, we were able to extend the life of the project to mid-August. Beyond that, you never know, things sometimes take on a life of their own...
I have time and want to help, what can I do?
If you want to help with repackaging, providing an alternate pick up location, delivering, something else, email us. We might be able to put you to work.
I have seeds to share! Can you post them on this site?
Maaaaybe. We'd probably ask you to package and label them (we're going a bit loopy from already folding thousands of origami envelopes and repacking over 250,000 seeds) and then get them to us so we can easily fulfill orders. Let's talk.
That is too many seeds. I do not want that many seeds. Can I get a smaller quantity?
Yes! We've been divvying packs up to distribute them most effectively, and can divvy differently. Order the size that's closest to what you want, and put a note on the shopping cart page saying how much you actually want. We'll do our best to get you what you need, just please don't ask us to count individual oregano seeds--those things are like dust!
That is not enough seeds. I want all of the seeds!
Not a question, but the answer is "no" anyway. Please be community-minded and take only what you need for this season. If you're ordering for a community project or the like, let us know who you are and what you're doing! We love community projects! If you submit a very large order without chatting with us first, we'll likely just reduce the quantities we send. Seeds for all!
I placed an order for pick up, but it only told me the street, not the actual address!
That is intentional. You'll get two emails after you place an order. One is an automated confirmation with your order details. Once one of our seed czars has put your order together and set it outside their house, you'll get a second email with the actual address. These are our home addresses, so we'd prefer to reveal them only when necessary.
I placed an order but didn't get any emails at all. What happened?
There's a good chance the email got bounced into your spam folder. Take a look there. If you still don't find anything, send us a message.
This is so great! I ordered some seeds, but, now what? Where can I get help with gardening?
There's a big community of support forming on facebook at Collaborative Gardening for Food Security (Victoria/Lekwungen+W̱SÁNEĆ). There's also a cool project going on at My FED Farm that you might qualify for. Defintly visit our Sponsor Growing Together! They are a community hub for Food Security in The CRD- there are resources and videos to help us Grow More Food!
How do I grow these seeds, the packages don't have directions!
For some seeds, we've uploaded package photos with planting directions. For the rest, google is your friend!

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